27th January 2020

Why You Should Turn Your Loft into a Wetroom

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Post by Wetroom Materials

For many of us, our loft space is a dark and eerie room to keep the seasonal decorations and cob-web covered boxes of ‘stuff’ – but have you ever thought of giving it more of a purpose? Converting a loft into a wetroom is the ideal way to expand functional living space as well as adding value to a property; or even better, converting the attic into a bedroom with an ensuite wetroom (depending on the size of space you have to work with of course).

There are several benefits to having a wetroom in a loft conversion, but it’s crucial that it is installed correctly the first time in order to avoid facing problems down the line. The quality of the installation should come first, and this all-important rule should not be sacrificed to save costs or hit targets. Installing a wetroom is a job for the professionals – so if this isn’t you, then we highly recommend you find someone who is.

So what are the main benefits for installing a wet room in your loft/attic?

Adds value to the property

A loft conversion with a wet room is the perfect way to increase the value of your property. Houses with multiple bathrooms are attractive to homeowners, especially if it means not sacrificing other purposeful areas of the house.

More living space

Of course, an extra functional room in the house is always a bonus when it comes to converting the loft, increasing the number of rooms and making your home bigger. This extra space is likely to reduce the arguments common during the morning rush, with another shower and toilet for use in the household.

Doesn’t require planning permission – most of the time

Some types of loft conversions don’t require any planning permission, especially if you are not extending or altering the roof space. It is important that you check you fit within the limits and conditions before you dismiss the application for planning permission, but generally, a loft conversion is a permitted development.

Improves quality

By waterproofing and tanking one of the major areas of your home that is susceptible to leaks and damp – the loft and roof – you are significantly improving the quality of the overall structure of the property.

Easy to clean

Wet rooms don’t have many fitting and fixtures, which makes them extremely easy to keep clean. Instead of shower enclosures with framework and runners that are known for collecting grime, wetrooms are fully tiled with a single glass frame divider which is much easier to clean.

See our guide on how to clean and care for your wetroom.

Luxury ‘wow’ factor

As well as the practical value, adding a wet room to a property will give it a ‘wow’ factor – especially with a whole extra floor. This will improve your home by providing a stylish and sophisticated look where you can enjoy spending your time, and leave a great impression on your guests.

Cheaper than an extension

On average, a loft conversion that involves no structural changes to the exterior costs around half of the price of an extension. Extensions are more expensive because they involve constructing a space from scratch, but using your existing loft space means you can keep costs down whilst creating a whole new space.

How we can help with your wetroom

If you would like to do more with your loft space by turning it into a wet room, we can help. We offer a large range of wetroom kits and bathroom products. We also provide a nationwide installation service with our official contractor Advanced Wetrooms – who will be able to fit a wetroom in your loft space.

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