1st November 2017

What Is The Unislope Wet Room System?

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As wet room designs continue to rise in popularity, more builders and contractors are becoming familiar with the complexities of wet room installations. Common problems like leaks and poor drainage are often the result of poor installation techniques; such as incorrect drain positioning, or failure to create the correct floor slope.

These problems can be overcome by using wet room kits, designed to simplify the installation process. Unislope is a wet room kit which has a solid reputation for creating a superior wet room floor finish – and for being one of the easiest products to use in the market place.

What Is Unislope

The Unislope system was specifically developed for tradesman to help increase installation quality and speed when creating level floor access for wet rooms.

Unislope incorporates a Unidrain linear drain, an award-winning drain that has many design attributes, making it a market leader across Europe.

Unislope features a preformed slope that can be trimmed to size, to cater for almost every wet room installation. The slope is made from high-density foam, designed to be cut using a traditional saw and fixed securely to the floor using drywall screws. A choice of widths and thicknesses make it easy to create the perfect slope gradient for every sized wet room.

Once fixed in position the slope is sealed with a painted on waterproof membrane, ready for tiling. When installed on a strong and secure sub floor, the Unislope board is capable of bearing over 400kg in weight, to provide high stability.

Unislope Kits

In addition to the sloping floor tray, Unislope kits also provide with a 100% waterproof tanking kits, incorporating, Primer, Joint Tape and Flexible Membrane that caters for movement up to 4mm – everything required by a professional to create a leak-proof wet room floor profile.

Unislope kits come with a choice of 4 floor slope designs, to provide the perfect slope gradient for every drain position.

  • UniSlope 1K Kit – Creates the ideal one-way slope for wall mounted drains, for contemporary concealed style. This kit is ideal for use with large format tiles and reduces the requirement for cutting tiles towards the drain and grout; for a seamless appearance.
  • UniSlope 2K Kit – Caters for wall mounted corner drains. This kit is ideal for use in smaller spaces, or quadrant showers.
  • UniSlope 3K Kit – Is the most versatile kit, providing the installer numerous locations on where to place the drain.  This is the perfect solution where you are unsure joist positions.
  • UniSlope 4K Kit – The preformed board creates the perfect slope for central linear drainage.

Benefits Of Unislope

The Unislope system offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Simplicity Of Installation – Unislope kits come with straightforward instructions and are easy to install.
  • Ingenious Design – High-quality components for quality you can trust.
  • Perfect Results – Correct installation guarantees the ideal slope.
  • Added Value – Unislope can create considerable labour cost savings when used to increase efficiency on large scale developments and help to bring projects to completion on deadline.
  • Flexible Drain Positioning – The Unislope 1K range is the only wet room kit on the market that allows the drain to be positioned anywhere on the back wall of the shower area. The 3K provides total flexibility.
  • Suitable for any floor – Unislope is approved for use on wooden and concrete floors.

To find out more about our award-winning drain solutions and wet room kits, you can download our Unislope brochure or visit our website for product information and installation aids.

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