16th March 2016

Why the savvy architects are choosing walk-in-showers for their clients

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Not restricted to shower tray sizes. Optimise space. Flexibility.

Utilize bathroom space to the maximum by installing a beautiful wet room. No longer be constrained to the confinements of a shower tray. Choosing a wet room gives you greater design freedom and more scope to create a wet room to any shape or size.

Large tiles less grout lines. Uniform contemporary look.

Create the perfect wet room with just one slope. This means that you can lay larger tiles that do not have to be cut in order to create a slope. This results in less grout lines and you no longer have to stand on the drain while showering.

Level floor access on wooden and concrete

Walk-in showers do not have to be restricted to just concrete floors. It is now just as easy to create a beautiful wet room design on a wooden floor. A practical yet perfect solution that will be sure to transform any upstairs bathroom.

Appreciate the value of a home

A recent study in the United Kingdom has found that the addition of a stylish modern wet room will increase the value of the property by an average of £10,000. What better reason to choose an elegant wet room over the traditional shower tray!

Drain not visible and wall mounted

Wet room designs are by no means a new invention but a drain up against the wall is innovatively unique. For a truly contemporary modern look make the drain become invisible by tiling onto it.

More design options

A wet room no doubt has the ability to create that wow factor. By choosing to install a wet room, design options are endless. The ability to use different materials will allow for greater design freedom when creating a stylish modern wet room.

Tanked room. complete room water-proofed

You have chosen to install a beautiful walk-in shower. Now ensure a watertight solution and protect the overall structure of the building by applying a tanking membrane throughout the wet room. In doing so you will address all the weak areas which may be prone to leaks and water issues.

If you would like more information about walk-in showers, wet room design, or have any questions about any of our products or services, contact our CCL wet rooms team. Our specialised customer care line is on hand to help with your wetroom UK needs.

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