Shower Niches

Shower niches are the perfect built-in bathroom wall storage solution. These shower niches look like sleek wall cavities that provide extra space to store your shower products. These shower niches can be customised with different colours and materials to match your project and are available in five different sizes. Our Shower niches can be sized to suit different wall depths as well.  

This is the ideal accessory for any shower or bathroom, offering a low-cost solution. You can even decide between landscape or portrait!

Product Code External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
N0250 250mm x 340mm x 120mm 190mm x 280mm x 110mm
N0350 350mm x 340mm x 120mm 290mm x 280mm x 110mm
N0450 450mm x 340mm x 120mm 390mm x 280mm x 110mm
N0670 670mm x 370mm x 120mm 610mm x 310mm x 110mm
N1275 1275mm x 370mm x 120mm 1215mm x 310mm x 110mm

Unique Features

  • High density extruded polystyrene
  • Reinforced cement coating
  • Sealed gasket
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for any thickness of tiles or flexible render
  • Suitable for use in swimming pool


Decorate your shower wall: The benefits of shower niches

Shower niches offer a convenient place to store small shower items, emphasising their practicality and usefulness in keeping essential items organised and within easy reach. Easily store your shampoo bottles and other shower products on your new modern shelf to create more space and less clutter in your bathroom or wet room.

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