375 Kensington High Street


Wetroom Materials supply 300+ wetroom systems to high-end residential development situated within The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Location: London

Completed: 2016

Sector: Residential

Located in the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, 375 Kensington High Street is one of the most sought after addresses in London. Often with large development, challenges arise with installations of wet rooms due to very restricted floor depth. We worked with the contractor overcome the challenge and to provide 300+ low profile wet room solutions throughout the development.

The challenge

Often the case with large developments, challenges arise during specification and installation of wetroom systems due to restricted floor depths. Wetroom Materials were faced with producing a low-profile drain, with high a capacity, and what is simple and quick to clean, benefiting the maintenance team of 375 Kensington High Street. As well as this, the aesthetics of the drainage had to be in keeping the rest of the interior décor and property’s image; only the most sophisticated drain finishes would be suited to such a project. Due to the size and scale of the project, flexibility around supply and demand of products had to be catered for during the process of the construction; suppliers, including Wetroom Materials, had to be extremely responsive in order to keep within the specified timescale of the project.

The solution

Wetroom Materials worked hand in hand with the architects and contractors to overcome the varying challenges the project presented. 300+ low profile wetroom solutions were able to be supplied to the development. Due to its versatility and design, the HighLine Custom was selected to be used throughout the entirety of the development. The HighLine Custom allows for the aesthetic design of the bathroom to be unaffected by the use of a slot channel drainage system. The finish is designed to hold the floor tile directly on top of itself, creating a seamless, almost invisible drainage solution, that only has a 6mm void around the insert to collect the water flowing across the wetroom floor.


Wetroom Materials were on hand for the duration of the construction, to answer and advice on wetroom related queries the contactors came up against. The close relationship between Wetroom Materials and the contractors allowed for the project to be completed and to be a great success.

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