12th February 2019

Advantages Of Low Profile Slimline Drains

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Post by Wetroom Materials

Every property needs a wow-factor, and a luxurious wet room achieves this effortlessly. Or, at least, it should. Get it wrong, and things can go awry.

The secret to the perfect wet room is matching the correct drain with the angles and materials of the property. Here, we explain how the combination of low-profile slimline drains and a professional eye can trouble-shoot wet room problems before they happen.

It’s All In The Drain!

When someone steps into a wet room, the  wet room drain is the last thing that they’re thinking about. Instead, they see luxury, elegance, and aesthetic polish. The ideal effect is one of seamless colour, with water seeping away invisibly. Underneath it all, however, is the most crucial element in the wet room.

The type, positioning, and quality of the drain will make the difference between a bespoke bathing experience and a soggy mess.

Getting The Angle Right

The ideal wet room floor should slope so that water flows gently into the drain. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this: it’s very much about a calculation involving the volume of water, the water pressure, and the wet room area.

However, low-profile slimline drains will often compliment most gradients. Invisible drains are an aesthetic asset that have been carefully engineered to work with the majority of drainage angles to ensure that the high-end look is perfected.

The Hygienic Choice

As long as the angle is correct, low-profile slimline drains offer a rapid yet discrete evacuation of water. This reduces the maintenance requirement, making cleaning easier (especially with our cleaning kit).

For wet rooms that are in constant use, this level of quality has additional benefits. Standing water, especially when contaminated by hair or soap bubbles, can easily stagnate. Low-profile slimline drains keep everything moving swiftly and neatly so that wet room users can luxuriate away the stresses of the day without any inconveniences.

Long-Term Investment

With the advice of a professional, you might find that low-profile slimline drains are a sensible investment. Drains have to be matched to the wet room, and the correct synergy can achieve lasting Instagram-ready results. And in the case of high-end wet rooms, that’s important: standing in a puddle of cold water will ruin any other aesthetic enhancements!

Low-profile slimline wet room drains are manufactured to a high quality finish, meaning that they will not tarnish or deteriorate. Wet rooms are installed in order to add value to a property or venture, so choosing the correct drain can ensure that the investment continues to reap returns.

“The Look”

Ten years ago, wet rooms were the preserve of a handful of the elite. Today, most people have heard of them. This means that everyone from the globe-trotting executive to the investment property owner not only expects a wet room, but has firm ideas about their quality, luxury, and style.

Coloured wet rooms are rapidly outpacing the older preference for plain tiles, but this is the only major change. Everyone has always wanted – and still wants – drains to remain hidden.

Slimline low-profile wet room drains are therefore an enduringly popular option. Of all the drain types, they are the least intrusive. This enhances the aesthetic harmony, whilst also focusing the attention on the wet room features.

Is A Slimline Low-Profile Drain Right For You? Ask Us!

Whether you are an architect or a designer, the most important thing to remember about wet rooms, is to ask! The Wet Room Materials team include specialists from many different disciplines, and we are able to listen to an idea, evaluate a space, and advise on the best solution. In our experience, this type of drain is an enhancing solution for most high-end refurbishments. If you think it might sit well in yours, you can download our free architect’s wet room design guide, or simply get in touch for personalised advice.

Did you know we also sell Matline drains for utility rooms and hallways, which helps to prevent water and dirt entering your home by trapping it between brushes and draining water away into your internal drainage system.


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