21st May 2021

A Guide To Designing And Styling A Small Wetroom

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If you are looking for small wet room design ideas then we have just the guide for you. When it comes to designing yours or your client’s wet room, there are plenty of options available and we are here to share our tips and tricks for making the most of your wet room space. From correct use of wet room drainage, to finishing touches with specially designed wet room accessories, we are experts in curating the perfect wet room for small rooms, giving you a luxury spa feel at home.

Benefits of Wet Rooms

1. Great For Small Wet Room Spaces

One of the best things about wet rooms is that their design and flexibility allows for amazing use of space; even the most compact of spaces can be transformed into a luxury wet room. Wet rooms mean you or your clients can avoid installing a bathtub and instead benefit from a spacious showering area, without having a restrictive shower tray or enclosure. Wet rooms prioritise efficient use of space and allow you to install a functional bathroom that has a luxury spa feel in even the smallest of rooms. 

Not only are wet rooms a great design choice for small spaces, but due to their minimalistic look and absence of a shower enclosure and bathtub, they are extremely easy to clean. This makes them a great choice for small rooms, allowing for quick and easy maintenance.

2. Add Value To Your Property

Wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular design choice for homeowners. Their sleek and modern design means they will add value to your client’s or your own property price. They really are a win-win design choice!

3. Easily Accessible

Your small bathroom may be currently hard to access for those with mobility issues and there might not be enough room to add sufficient support. Turning your bathroom into a wet room is a great way to make a small bathroom easily accessible to everyone in your family. With a level floor they are easy to navigate and use without extra support. 

Small Wet Room Design and Styling

1. Waterproofing

Waterproofing your small wet room is crucial in the design process. We sell LIP VS30 for tanking your wet room against leaks and damage. We recommend rooms have full waterproofing on the floor and at least 100mm up all walls. 

2. Drainage

Drainage in a small wet room is extremely important. If your shower pumps in water quicker than your drain removes it, it is a recipe for disaster. Ensuring your wet room drainage is up to scratch is vital when it comes to small wet room design. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about choosing a wet room drain.

3. Ventilation

With small wet rooms, ventilation is another extremely important factor when it comes to design. Adequate ventilation will remove excess moisture from the wet room and prevent the formation of damp and mould. In small rooms this is even more important.

4. Neutral colours

Wet rooms are perfect for maximising small bathrooms, with their open plan and seamless design, they create the illusion of space. If you are looking for small wet room design ideas, we recommend using neutral, even-toned tiles for a subtle and sleek look. You can then add textures and colour through wet room accessories

5. Finishing touches

When it comes to small wet room design, adding the finishing touches can make all the difference in the look and feel of the room. Keep your wet room clutter free and make sure you add plenty of hidden storage space for cosmetics and bathroom products. With a small room keeping surfaces clutter free helps create the illusion of a bigger space.

Choosing the right wetroom accessories is the final touch that will transform your small wet room.

Wet rooms offer enormous amounts of flexibility with design making them an amazing option for small spaces. You can creatively and cleverly turn your small bathroom into a sleek, modern and luxury wet room. Get in touch with us today for any queries, wet room inspiration or to get started in designing your new wet room! 

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