20th September 2019

Timeless Wetroom Trends

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When it comes to wetroom design, you might be encouraged to follow the new and modern trends of the current moment. Something that many people seem to forget is that most of these trends come and go with the seasons, which can leave your clients with an outdated wetroom that is SO last year. Wetrooms are big investments so it’s unlikely they will be wanting to update it again in a hurry (read our blog talking all about the cost of wet room trends). Make sure you avoid this mistake by incorporating timeless trends into the wetroom design, so they can love it over and over again, for years to come.

So, what are these timeless trends?


Marble is one of the most sought-after materials by designers and architects alike – it’s adaptability means it can provide the desired luxury finish for any interior design project, including wet room design. Marble is elegant, clean and opulent, and is the perfect material base to use when creating your client’s perfect wetroom – you can go all out with the floor to ceiling marble titles or just keep it to the details.


What better way to create a timeless statement wetroom than with the use of a monochrome design? Black and white are like yin and yang – supposed ‘forces’ that attract in a connected but independent way. The absence of hue creates a calming and zen-like atmosphere, allowing users to free their mind of distractions and enjoy their wetroom to the max. The versatile combination can be used in the tiling, or even in the accents like taps, showerheads and towel racks.


The lighting within a wetroom can take any bathroom to the next level of ambience. With the perfect combination of brightness, bulbs, positioning and style, you can create the ideal environment that won’t fall out of style. The way to make this possible is to focus on soft, adjustable lighting, not just from spotlights in the ceiling but from accent lighting highlighting areas of the wetroom.


The minimalist look is a trend used across a number of design projects, but one that is especially effective in wetrooms. With our modern and busy lives, a functional and clean wetroom is important and using a minimalistic approach makes it not only timeless but much easier to clean.


Nature and wellbeing are very closely linked – which is why it’s such a good trend to bring into a wetroom design. Nature is the most timeless and forever lasting trend, so it will never go out of style. Adding wooden features, greenery, natural stone and outdoor design features are the perfect way to create a beautiful and ambient wetroom.

How we can help

Creating a timeless wetroom starts with careful planning and handpicked designs. Your clients should love their wetroom for years to come, so it’s important that you pick these elements carefully. Living up to the high reputation you built for yourself is important, no matter how big or small the project.

Our high-quality wetroom products, partnered with your excellent design and dedication will leave your customers more than happy with their wetroom.

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