10th December 2020

The Process of Turning a Bathroom into a Wet Room

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Most of us enjoy open-plan designs in our living rooms and the kitchen areas of our homes. But open plan living doesn’t have to be limited to just these areas. Wet rooms are a great option for the bathrooms in your clients’ homes, right through to commercial settings such as locker rooms and gyms.

Turning an area of your client’s home such as their existing bathroom into an open-plan wet room creates a modern, sleek and stylish look and can be a great way to enhance space. Wet rooms allow you to be flexible and creative with your client’s design and you can turn even the smallest bathroom into a modern and open plan space. Practical and luxurious – Scandinavian inspired wet room designs are the way forward! 

Benefits of wet rooms

  • Wet rooms are becoming a popular bathroom upgrade. They even add value to your client’s property, with their sleek and modern design screaming luxury.
  • Wet rooms are extremely easy to clean as they have minimal surfaces and fewer fittings than traditional bathrooms, this means your clients will be spending less time cleaning their wetrooms.
  • Wet rooms offer easy accessibility to your clients. Whether that is young children or those with mobility issues as there is no step and shower tray.
  • Wet rooms are a stylish design choice that will leave a lasting impression on any guests and give off that ‘wow’ factor to your clients home!
  • Wet rooms reduce the risk of damp in your bathrooms and are a practical as well as a stylish design choice

Turning a bathroom into a wetroom

Firstly you will need to decide the design and layout of the area you want to transform into a wet room. Luckily, our wet room kits come in different shapes and sizes allowing you to find the perfect fit for your client’s needs. We have large walk in shower kits and small wet room flooring kits to suit a range of tastes and spaces. Our premium wet room kits include a wet room drain kit, slope and waterproofing kit, with the assurance of providing exceptional results. Consisting of a collection of luxury Scandinavian products, our wet room kits offer a high-end finish and functionality, guaranteed.

For more information on how to fit your wet room and tips on the installation process take a look at our handy installation guides and get in touch if you have any further questions. 

Tiling your wet room

Choosing the right tiles for your client’s wet room can make all the difference in transforming the area from a stark open space to a luxurious at-home spa. Darker shades create a more modern and sophisticated look, whereas stone and pattern tiles are a classic and homely choice. To make the most of your client’s open plan wet room design why not stick with one tile throughout the room? This gives off a really modern and luxurious look. 

For any help on all things wet room, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help you out. 

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