Floating House


Using Scandinavian design and UK engineering, the Floating House can lead the way in innovative and sustainable living.

Location: River Thames

Completed: 2015

Sector: Residential

Designed to redefine what living on the water looks like, the floating home by House on Water LTD is a triumph of Scandinavian technology and UK labour. The innovative and sustainable show home fulfils the needs of a modern family and demonstrates how conformable life on the water can be. With a very strict policy of only using the best products, we exclusively used our range of Unidrain products for this project.

The challenge

The Floating Home presented many different challenges, being one of the first of its kind, it was expected to be a challenge to complete. Wetroom Materials were required to adhere to the restrictions of the deadline, aesthetic design, and requirements defined by the architects, interior designers, and clients.

The entire structure was built in Denmark and travelled to the UK’s capital, which was then installed into place and the foundations secured. The finished wet room design was required to be in keeping with Scandinavian design and, structurally, had to be installed within the small floor depths provided by such a build. The wet room foundation materials had to be extremely low profile in order for the bathroom and other rooms to be constructed within the constraints of the building’s parameters.

The solution

The architectural style, impression and materials used on the project were specifically demanded to be of Nordic origins; therefore, it came as no surprise to have Undrain utilised in the designs, supplied by Wetroom Materials.

The drainage solution that was provided was the intelligent and innovative GlassLine system by Undrain. This drainage system presents a complete wet room solution that includes a drain, slope and glass screen. The modular system ensures that the integration of the glass screen is installed before tilling, therefore creating a wet room enclosure that is not susceptible to leaks.

The finished product gives a minimalistic look that is grounded in Scandinavian design. The strong stainless-steel structure provides added benefits to the structural stability of the system, and the durability of the exposed drain finishes. Throughout the project’s lifetime, Wetroom Materials were on had to offer expert advice on the specification and installation; something that allowed for the entire project to run efficiently and successfully.

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