5th February 2019

The Next Big Interior Design Trend: Coloured Wet Rooms

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Whether it’s designing a hotel experience that leaves a powerful Trip Advisor presence, or creating the wow-factor in an investment property, wet rooms are making a splash in interior design.
As one of the most adaptable interior spaces, it’s therefore not much of a surprise that trends are moving forwards at a rapid pace. 2019 has already been declared the year of coloured wet rooms.

Whether your goal is to create a room with ethereal atmospheric stone, a soothing sunset, or even a natural woodland waterfall, wet room design means that the only limit to the possibilities is the imagination.

Here are a few examples of what you can achieve with trending coloured wet room themes.

The Indoor Waterfall

Waterfall showers are a must-have feature in any elegant shower setting. With their enveloping, luxurious cascade, they naturally refresh weary minds. To maximise this experience, exploit the unlimited colour palette of porcelain tiles to create a space that enhances the water.

Green marble, malachite, or onyx will offer a hint of emerald when offset against natural hues. Opt for stone coloured or wood effect flooring, and consider pebbles for the edging.

When design is crucial, living plants can complete this theme. Orchids, dragon plants, ferns, and bamboo all thrive in the misty, cloud-forest environment that an indoor waterfall creates.

The Mood Statement

Colour trends for 2019 look set to continue on the same road as we are currently on. That’s welcome news for wet rooms, because they represent a space where making a statement is relatively straightforward.

Dark is in this year. Moody, brooding cloud colours juxtaposed with grey or white have proved their aesthetic value. If anything, the message is to turn the intensity up.

Drawing upon immediately soothing scents such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme, these deep colours echo comfort.

For interior designers, this opens up a wide range of natural stone options for the wet room. Deep marbles, granites, and weathered slate all offer a tapestry of personality whilst conveying understated luxury. Opt for hidden slim-line drains to complete this high-end look.

Work With The Light

Porcelain tiles are the wonder child of interior design, and their partner is recessed lighting. In the wet room, this is a uniquely powerful combination.

The challenge of lighting bathroom spaces has long been a headache for architects and designers. There are times when eye-watering brightness is necessary. Most of the time, however, people retreat to the wet room for a well-earned escape, indulgence, and recuperation.

Careful lighting can work with the colour in the wet room to control the atmosphere. Natural stone colours can be instantly transformed by coloured reflections, which will bring out the myriad of subtle hues that they contain.

For a soothing wet room space, consider drawing out the blues, purples, and the gentle green-yellow of agate. The same colours can be used to energise when brightly lit. This is ideal for wet rooms that need to welcome a frazzled traveller at the end of the day, and send them off in the morning feeling fully revived.

Closing Thoughts

Advances in wet room design and coloured porcelain tiles mean that wet rooms are now the space that every designer is excited about. The message is clear: elegance and sensation are in. If you want to learn more about how much the latest coloured wet room will cost you don’t forget to read our blog explaining all.

Use colours to create accents, maximise space, and – above all – to work with the natural qualities that water already offers. Take a look at rivers, oceans, and skies, and be inspired. If you want to learn more, please get in touch. We’d love to help you bring your project ideas to life.

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